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Call for data: Standard yield curve for oil palm

We are seeking data on representative oil palm yield curves from agricultural ministries, research institutes, literature, and other stakeholders. This data is needed to develop a “standard” oil palm yield curve that can be used in the methodology to certify biomass from oil palm plantations included in the draft Implementing Act on “rules to verify sustainability and greenhouse gas emissions saving criteria and low indirect land-use change-risk criteria”. The standard yield curve is combined with the actual yield from a plantation to estimate the baseline yield (an estimate of how the yield would have been in the absence of a yield increase measure).

We are reaching out to any stakeholders who may be able to provide representative oil palm yield curves. Data shared will be used to build an average yield curve that can be applied to different plantations. If desired, any data shared can be anonymized. Further information is included in this document.

We invite you to please send any data and literature references to  by 31 August.