Join us at EUBCE for a panel discussion on the role of Low ILUC-risk certification

Join us on Monday 5 June at 3-4pm CET at the 31st European Biomass Conference and Exhibition in Bologna, Italy. Members of the project team will be joining a panel discussion on the role of Low ILUC-risk certification. We will discuss key updates and conclusions from the Low ILUC-risk pilot project. An overview of the pilots and next steps for the project can be found here.

Review of greenhouse gas emission related to drainage of deep and shallow peat

The greenhouse gas emissions related to converting peat into plantations remains an crucial topic of discussion in the ILUC (indirect land use change) debate, as its conversion can cause high land use change emission. The review provides a brief overview of the process of converting peat land through drainage, its related emissions over time and provides insights on mapping of the extent and depth of peat. The paper can be found here.

High ILUC Webinar phase 1 results

On 11th of July 2022 over 60 participants joined for the first HILUC webinar, where the phase 1 methodology and results were presented. The webinar presented the methodology used for crop statistics, regional mapping and global mapping of commodity driven deforestation into high carbon stock area and the productivity factors. There was an opportunity for attendees to provide input and ask questions to the consortium members.

In case you missed the webinar or would like to review the material again, the recording, the slides and a summary of the Q&A can be found here.

We welcome any comments and feedback on the findings presented. If your question was not answered in the Q&A or you have additional input, please send an email to 

Invite to High ILUC webinar on phase 1

The High ILUC-risk fuels project is hosting a webinar to share the methodology and discuss the results of phase 1 of the HILUC project. The webinar will take place on Monday July 11th 16.00-18:00 CEST.

Register here to join the webinar: link.

Call for feedback: Draft low ILUC-risk certification guidance

    Deadline extended until 24 June 2022. 

The Low ILUC-risk pilot project is preparing a certification guidance module, in line with Delegated Act (EU) 2019/807 and Annex VIII of the forthcoming Implementing Regulation on voluntary schemes.

This draft certification guidance will be tested in a second round of pilot audits in summer 2022. Before these audits, we would like to invite you to provide feedback on the current draft document. The aim is to increase the quality of the guidance and improve its usability to ensure that the Low ILUC-risk certification guidance can work in practice. Participants are especially invited to provide views regarding the topics that will be developed in the second round of pilots, namely: non-financial barrier analysis; group certification approach; approach to determine additional biomass for sequential cropping; certification of soy/annual crops; abandoned and severely degraded lands.

The draft certification guidance can be downloaded here. We invite you to submit feedback using this form, sent to by 24 June 2022.