Lot 2

Low ILUC Pilots - final deliverables published

The final results of the low ILUC pilot project for the European Commission (tender reference ENER/C2/2018-462 Lot 2) are published today. The final report is published, as well as the phase 2 pilot reports (listed below) and the low ILUC certification guidance, which is improved based on the insights of the second phase of the project, and can now be rolled out by EC-recognised voluntary schemes. Additional supporting documents like the audit checklist and management template developed during the pilots are provided as well. All insights of the ten pilot projects are gathered in the final project report, including the stakeholder consultation summary report. You can find the deliverables at our publication page.

  • Pilot Colombia, yield increase of palm oil by novel pollination.
  • Pilot Malaysia, yield increase of palm oil for small farmers.
  • Pilot France, yield increase through sequential cropping.
  • Pilot Spain, cultivation of Camelina on severely degraded land.
  • Pilot Brazil, yield increase of soybean through multiple yield increase measures.