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Response to Call for Data: Standard yield curve for oil palm

In July 2021, we published a Call for data, aiming to gather data on representative oil palm yield curves to develop and validate the “standard oil palm yield curve” that can be used to determine a yield baseline in the low ILUC certification methodology included in the draft Implementing Act on “rules to verify sustainability and greenhouse gas emissions saving criteria and low indirect land-use change-risk criteria”. It is the shape of the curve that is most important when developing the reference curve, as the magnitude of the yield baseline is determined by the historic yields on the plantation being certified.

We received a good response from stakeholders, covering a range of different geographies in key oil palm producing countries. From the documents submitted, 31 yield curves were derived and analysed, covering both large scale and small holder plantations.

The analysis showed the curves had a high correlation with the yield curve used in Phase 1 of the low ILUC pilot project. The paper provides a normalised standard yield curve that can be used in the certification of low ILUC-risk oil palm.

The report can be found here.