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Low ILUC Pilots – Individual Phase 1 pilot reports published

Five pilot audits were conducted in the first half of 2021 to test the low ILUC-risk certification approach. The pilot reports share first insights on how low ILUC-risk biofuels can be certified in practice and reflect on the improvements that can be made to the approach. The reports describe the availability of data and experiences determining the additionality test, the dynamic yield baseline (if relevant) and the amount of additional biomass that could be claimed as low ILUC-risk biomass, if the pilot project was low ILUC-risk certified.

  • Pilot Colombia, yield increase of palm oil by improved irrigation on a large integrated plantation and mill
  • Pilot Malaysia, yield increase of palm oil by thinning and replanting of high yielding seedlings on different parts of a large plantation
  • Pilot France, yield increase through sequential cropping with cereals or oilseeds on an arable farm with biogas
  • Pilot Uruguay, yield increase through sequential cropping of Brassica carinata with soy bean as the main crop
  • Pilot Ukraine, cultivation on abandoned land for a 10ha plot that has been abandoned since the 1990s