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Call for feedback: Draft low ILUC-risk certification guidance

    Deadline extended until 24 June 2022. 

The Low ILUC-risk pilot project is preparing a certification guidance module, in line with Delegated Act (EU) 2019/807 and Annex VIII of the forthcoming Implementing Regulation on voluntary schemes.

This draft certification guidance will be tested in a second round of pilot audits in summer 2022. Before these audits, we would like to invite you to provide feedback on the current draft document. The aim is to increase the quality of the guidance and improve its usability to ensure that the Low ILUC-risk certification guidance can work in practice. Participants are especially invited to provide views regarding the topics that will be developed in the second round of pilots, namely: non-financial barrier analysis; group certification approach; approach to determine additional biomass for sequential cropping; certification of soy/annual crops; abandoned and severely degraded lands.

The draft certification guidance can be downloaded here. We invite you to submit feedback using this form, sent to by 24 June 2022.